Defense+ (bugs?) & Firewall (questions) in CFP

Hi all!

Recently I did a clean install of the new CFP, and I found some strange things related to Defense+. For example, some new .exes that I downloaded, modified, removed aren’t in “my pending files”… In “My Protected Files” I add “D:\Documents and Settings\Eduardo\My documents\My Softwares\Programs*”, but, I modified or removed some .exes, and Defense+ doesn’t alert me… Why? In “Computer Security Policy”, I have two entries for the same app: “C:\Arquivos de programas\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” and “C:\ARQUIV~1\MOZILL~1\firefox.exe”… Why?

Somethings related to the Firewall too. “System (or svchost.exe, sometimes) is trying to receive a connection from the internet”. How should I answer? Is is safe? And, one thing that was present in the 2.4 version, why couldn’t I limit the number of connections from an app? I have a dial-up connection, and when msn or skype use much connection, I have to terminate, if no, I couldn’t use firefox…

Thanks! (L)

My pending files is only enabled for Clean PC mode. You will no longer have this functionality for other modes with 295. IMO this is a step backwards.


Most likely your file manager (e. g. explorer.exe) has appropriate permissions under computer security policy.

Do not allow it without special reason.

(:AGY) Oh, no COMODO, please! Enable pending files for others mode, please, please!

But, if I want protect “D:\Documents and Settings\Eduardo\My documents\My Softwares\Programs*”, why I need to change explorer.exe permissions in Computer Security Policy? It’s makes a false sense of protection… (:SAD)

You don’t have to change explorer’s permissions as your documents are already protected from malware because it (malware) must take control over explorer.exe to modify/delete your documents, but Defense+ will alert you if malware will try to do this.

Thanks for that goodbrazer! But, if I remenber, in the previous version of CFP, any modification accidentaly made by me with explorer.exe in a protected file Defense+ alerted me… now not (:SAD) Defense+ was protecting me, too, from a mistake: modifying a protected file…

I don’t remember how it was in previous versions, but i guess you are right. I think default settings for explorer were changed to make it more user-friendly without flaw in safety.
Anyway you can always change settings for explorer anytime to make it configured how you want.

I suspect the reason that “My Pending Files” has been removed from modes other than “Clean PC” is because of the feedback that COMODO was getting from people who found it highly irritating. This shows that COMODO listens to its users. Perhaps for other modes “My Pending Files” should be optional, rather than forced as before, or disabled as now. That way everybody is kept happy.