Defense+ bug with garena

Today after next update of garena i got BSOD after launch garena. If disable defense+ everything ok. I got winxp sp3 32 bit latest updates, Comodo firewall 3.11.108364.552.

In what mode is Defense running? When you are using Clean PC mode look under My Pending Files (Defense + → Common Tasks) and make the updated files of Garena part of your My Own Safe Files? What version of CIS are you using?

Please save the minidump file in case we need for submission. It can typically be found with name Minidump under c:\windows\ . Can you tell us what was on the BSOD? What error name and number? You can use BlueScreenView to see the BSOD screen again.

Clean pc mode. Minidump added.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Thanks. Now it’s up to the devs.

After today’s update garena problem with bsod disappeared. I think so far this problem solved.