Defense+ bug found!(high CPU load)

During windows update,the “cmdagent.exe” is taking 100% of a core of my CPU,and after windows update finished,everything is OK.

Anyone to confirm?

Hi 198710,
I personally never experienced that. But that could depend on system environment (see my signature) Can you, please provide more details about your system
You may read

In addition regarding Windows Updates. I switched Off Auto Update and left Notification only.
After MS notification I am switching Firewall into Installation Mode and then allowing MS update

My regards

Well,my PC:
CPU:64bit(32bit capable);OS:Windows XP(SP3)(32bit);Product Version:CIS 3.5.54375.427(no other security application);Defense+ option on with clean PC mode;Administrator account

The only difference between us is that I never switch to installation mode during windows update,but I think I’ve left the option “Trust the application digitally signed by Trusted soft” on,and Microsoft is already in my Trusted Software Vendors list,there shouldn’t be such a problem.