Defense+ blocks update program?

Hi, today I installed Flatout 2 game (it’s original) but it didn’t run and give me some errors, I research a bit and I see I have to install the update patch of game.

I downloaded it from Gamespot, here is the link:;title;2

I run the update patch but Defense+ blocks it.

Action: Install Hook
Target: System32\dinput8.dll

That the setup program show his info. After that Defense+ blocks again.

Action: Modify File
Target: isp538E.tmp\setup.dll

I can’t install my games update. What do you suggest to me right now?

When you run the update patch and get the D+ alert, set it to Installer/Updater. Does that do the trick for you?

Thanks for your helps but I installed the game, it makes me crazy. :slight_smile: