Defense + blocks trusted programs


I`m a fairly new user of the Comodo products, and are very satisfied.

Lately, I began getting into a new game a friend talked me into. But, it seems that Defense + is blocking its actions needed for me to log into the game…

I have set the game`s .exe and program to be a trusted file, but still defense + blocks it. If i turn off defense +, the game will work.

So, is there any way that i can solve this issue?

Many thanks,


I am not an oldie too. But if you set it under More - Preferences then Defence+ will create a log file. This should show what it blocked.

The more lazy way might be to set Defence+ to Training Mode when you start the game and then back. In this case I would recommend you to save the config file before (under More - Manage my Configurations) and keep an eye on it where it gets saved :wink: If the training mode does not work you can restore the old settings with this. But do NOT forget to take after the game works a different mode than training mode.