DEFENSE+ blocks Photoshop plugins

When using Photoshop CS5 and trying to open plug-ins from within PS some of them will not open at all or will give a “program error” message. In addition, I’m not able to restore Photoshop windows if minimized and the program will not close (I have to shut it down manually from Windows Task Manager).
I’ve added Photoshop and all plugins to the protected files section and stilll have the same problem. I KNOW it’s a DEFENSE+ problem because all plugins and Photoshop itself work perfectly if D+ is disabled.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Hey and warm welcome to comodo forums!

What you could try is to add it in trusted file and in d+ rules.

Could you provide us with your defense+ logs (CIS → d+ → view d+ events)

Valentin N

Protected Files and Folders section prevents changes to that entries, so you should remove those files from that section and add it to Defense+ Rules as a Predefined Policy: Installer or Updater. But, as Valentin said, we need screenshot of Defense+ Events to completely resolve this issue.

Thank you, Valentin and Deadman, that was fast! I removed PS from the protected files section and added it to the rules as Installer/Updater. PROBLEM SOLVED.
I’m in awe of D+’ and this forum’s effectiveness :-TU :-TU

We are here to help :slight_smile: :-TU