Defense+ blocks IE9

I have to provide IT support to a number of family computers all running CIS and Vista.

I have spent several days tracking down a number of problems with one of these computers which turned out to be due to CIS apparently suddenly blocking a number of standard Vista functions (such as TrustedInstaller) but am left with one final problem that I have been unable to resolve.

I can only get IE9 to run with Defense+ Disabled. Unless it is disabled a blank IE9 page flashes on the screen and disappears.

All the IE9 works on the other computers with IE9 and the settings appear to be identical and it is a trusted application.

Any advice on how to fix this would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Om what OS does this happen? Please make sure that this IE 9 version is digitally signed with a valid signature to make sure it is not an “adapted version”.