Defense+ blocks certain websites ...

Since upgrading to, I can no longer access the website (just sits there trying to load forever). Originally I thought that some kind of fw config was messed up, but after much trial and error, I’ve discovered that Defense+ is actually what is blocking the website (if I disable Defense+ the site works just fine).

I’ve tried both Firefox and Explorer with the same result. Any ideas why Defense+ would be blocking my bank’s website?

I appreciate any thoughts,


It is working here. Do you have programs blocked in the Computer Security Policy list of D+?

Nothing was blocked. I had both IE and Firefox set to Custom (but within that custom, nothing was blocked, everything was either Allow or Ask). If I change Firefox and IE from Custom to Trusted, then the website works … but I think that is kind of defeating the purpose a bit (I don’t consider neither Firefox nor IE to be trusted (:WIN)).


Hi sneakyPete

You can make your IE and FF set a “Web Browser”. That should be safer than trusted.


And there was nothing in the D+ log? In your custom policy, are all the protection settings set to no? I can access the site with Firefox, custom policy set to allow or ask.

I changed IE and FF to “Web Browser” on the FW side, and went back to my original settings on the D+ side … and it works.

So it looks like there was some inter-play between the FW setting and the D+ setting that was causing the D+ side block it. Interesting. Once I had it pegged on the D+ side, I don’t know that I would have thought to go back to the FW side.

Thanks for the guidance …

(and to answer sded: nope … nothing in the D+ or FW logs that would have given me a clue - nothing at all!)

Thanks again!