Defense+ Blocking things I download

Whenever Defense+ is turned on in any mode it blocks all files that I try to download specifically exe, .doc and .docx. I have tried to set it to allow me to download certain files but nothing works. Whenever I download exe it tells me the folder that I am trying to download to is invalid and whenever I try to download word documents they download but whenever I try to open them they are blocked. Whenever I disable Defense+ it downloads without any problems.

I am sure it is just something small that I am missing. Thank you very much for any advice you could give!!!

Check D+ Settings - General - Dont Show Popup Alerts is Unchecked.
Execution Control Settings - Treat Unrecognized Files is set to Partially Limited
Computer Security Policy - D+ Rules - Double Click All Application (The last entry under D+ Rules) click customize & check all the checkmarks are on Ask.