Defense+ Blocking Malwarebytes'

When I scan my system with Malwarebytes’ Comodo Defense+ Blocks malwarebytes’ access to memory. I have gone into defense+/advanced/security policies/ and set comodo to allow malwarebytes’ access to everything, yet every time I do a full scan it still comes up under blocked suspicious attempts. What should I do?

Hallo DjayO,

Does it try to access System Memory or does it say it tries to access an application in Memory ?

Have you set the policy for mbam.exe to Trusted Application ?

It says that Mbam.exe tried to Access Memory and the target was C:/Program Files/COMODO/COMODO Internet Security
I have Malwarebytes’ set as a trusted file and software vendor.

Hi DjayO,

That’s perfectly normal CIS is protecting it self from “attacks” by other programs, MBAM tries to access CIS in memory.
That’s not allowed, MBAM can continue further with scanning without trouble, it won’t lead to a less secure/inaccurate scan.