Defense+ blocking firefox 3.5 from running!

I just enabled defense+ since the comodo leak test only gave me a 220 score with avast malware protection. It is set on safe mode and I have restarted twice. Firefox just doesn’t open after I allowed whatever it asked me.

I am using Windows Vista x64 with Avast! Home edition (firewall disabled) and Comodo Firewall with defense+.

I’ve disabled defense+ and restarted but still have the same problem! Then I reinstalled firefox with defense+ turned off and it works now.

Is there any way I can get firefox 3.5.3 running correctly with Defense+?

Edit: Everything seems to be working now…

Enable D+ and reboot. Then take a look under Defense + → Advanced → Compute Security Policy → now delete the FF rule → Apply your way out and start FF. Does it work now?

When that doesn’t help go to Defense + → Advanced → Compute Security Policy → look up and select the rule for explorer.exe → Edit → Access rights → Run an executable → now see if FF is part of the blocked files. When it is remove it and Apply and Ok your way out and start FF again.

Thanks, everything is working!