Defense+ blocking Control Panel Apps Windows 7

I’m running CIS 3.11.108364.552 on Windows 7 RC1. Defense+ is preventing many Control Panel apps from running. I get the following error:

If I disable Defense+ then I can open all Control Panel Apps. What do I have toi change in Defense+ to correct this?

As a temporary work around, I changed Defense+, Computer Security Policy for


to use a Custom Policy which has all Access Rights set to Allow except Run an Executable which is set to Ask. That seems to have fixed it, but is this the right way to fix it?

It was the right decision.

Moved to the help boards.

No, that’s very dangerous for the security.
Don’t do it.

I recommend you.
1.Delete rundll32.exe from Computer Security Policy.
2.Make D+ setting to ‘Training mode’ control panel Apps.
4.if anything fine for you, change mode to ‘Safe mode’

If you don’t use ‘training mode’, you will see tons of D+ pop-ups.
But if you don’t care, you can just delete old rule and then you can make them allowed.