Defense + blocking AvastUI and Peerblock driver

Hi, I have Comodo CIS, installed, Avast Free and Peerblock, Defense + is blocking AvastUI, AvastUI can’t start in Windows 7 x64 boot and Avast icon does not load in the system tray, Also blocks the Peerblock driver and does not let PeerBlock load at startup, this only happens with defense + in training or enabled, if defense + is disabled both programs start ok.
I tried to add in exceptions, like trusted file and does not work any of this, the still blocking, has any solution?

Thank you very much for help.

-Look in the logs, and tell us what has been blocked.

-Disable “block unknown applications while comodo isnt running”. In defense+ settings.
Or move the avast folder to “trusted files” (mark, include sub folders).

Thats the easiest way.

Avoid trainings mode. Its learns everything what tries to run. Thats not safe.

THis FAQ may help you resolve this and other issues associated with running two security suites at once: Making other security programs work with CIS.

:smiley: Defense’s log screen only said AvastUI and Peerblock partial blocked, but the folders are all in trusted files (It’s this the log or are there any Comodo log file in some folder in Win 7 x64? I can’t find any txt log file in users)

I disabled “block unknown applications while comodo isnt running” and it works now! I have Fw + Defense in Safe mode, and Avast free Antivirus running. Peerblock driver starts ok now.

Thank you very much to both of you. :smiley: