Defense+ Blocking Applications

OK, I’m tired of hunting down and chasing answers, so I’ll just be quick and simple:

When Defense+ is active, Steam and Battlefield 2142 will not start.
Meaning, when I click their executables, they do nothing at all,
besides Steam showing the small loading-window and gone again, or one of those sandclock-cursors for a bit.

So when I turn Defense+ off, they both do start without a problem.
This is also weird, because before Steam would always start with COMODO fully activated.
But I reinstalled it one time, I think it’s because for Steam I chose something other than ‘Trusted Application’.
Even so that shouldn’t have mattered, and also manually adding them to the trusted applications doesn’t help.

What’s up with this?!
And by the way, is that Defence+ thing even needed?
I would think so, but myeah… you tell me…

Please read my gamers thread. Steam needs Gameoverlay running. You can manually add it to D+. I actually manually add all my game exe’s to the firewall and D+.

It won’t start in Training Mode…

Do you mean I should try and add it manually too then?
But which file/process would that be then?
Because when I browse the running processes, I think all I see is Steam.exe, I’ve already added it multiple times.
And that other thing is probably like “OverlayUI.exe” or something right?
I think I also added that… but is that the one?

Of course it will start. Try deleting BF2 entries in the firewall and D+. Or else make BF2 trusted in D+ and the firewall. Yes add that Steam file. Dont add from running processes. Add from the folder directory.