Defense+ blocking applet & driver

Defense+ is blocking my access to the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel applet (shell32.dll), and the loading to Nvidia dll’s at start-up (nvcpl.dll is one). Disabling Defense+ elimates the problem. I tried adding the diagnosed routines to my personal list, but that doesn’t stop the blocking.

How can I get Defense+ to stop blocking these?


You should have received a pop up but if you didn’t try putting D+ in training mode.

Yes, I get popups. They read “Error loading xxxxx. Access Denied”. Training mode doesn’t do any training, the errors continue. Only by disabling Defense+ can I get normal operation.

There must be some manual way to bypass these blocks. I haven’t found it.

Hi johnly,

Is the “Error loading xxx. Access Denied” message related to CFP 3 or your computer? Could you provide a screen shot?


The pop-ups I mentioned are from Windows.

I assume Defense+ is responsible since with it enabled (at any level) I get the messages, and with it disabled, I don’t. My guess is that Defense+ is blocking the routines and the pop-ups are Windows’ response to the blocks.

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I have the very same problem - shell32.dll (and bhtprops.cpl - for a bluetooth device) - when defense+ is deactivated there is no problem. I can’t remember I ever got a choice whether to block it or not. And it’s impossible to turn it into a trusted file - when you try, it’s still blocked. Only deactivating defense+ solves the problem.