Defense+ blocking access to Close button in taskbar previews

I can’t close any CIS 5 windows via the taskbar because Defense+ thinks that Explorer.exe is trying to terminate the related process (cfp.exe, cfplogvw.exe or cfpupdat.exe). This bug has been around since the beta.

I can’r replicate this, as mine is functioning perfectly as expected.

Are you using a configuration that you used with the beta testing? If that is the case try a clean configuration and see what happens.

Didn’t happen for me either. But I do know other apps complained about similiar issues.

I took a look at my Computer Security Policy for the ‘Comodo Internet Security’ file-group, and access rights were ‘allow all’ execept for run executable (which was ‘ask’). Furthermore, ‘prtoection settings’ was active for ‘interprocess comms’ and ‘process termination’. For both settings the entries were identical: ‘Windows Systems Applications’ file-group and %ProgramFiles%\COMODO\CIS\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security*

In fact that last path may be an issue. If you’re implementing a config import, ensure that the pathname for Comodo components points to where you installed Comodo for all firewall & computer security policies. Furthermore, ensure that pathnames for any entries in Comodo related file-groups point to the proper installation pathname.

I uninstalled RC3 before installing the final release. I’m also using the Firewall Security profile (as I’m running Firewall only) and didn’t import any existing rules.


How can Defense+ be bothering you about anything if Firewall only is enabled? Are you referring to the CIS configuration being firewwall (and neither proactive, internet security nor firewall configurations were imported).

And just to be clear: you’re talking about after you open the Comodo GUI from either system tray (or Start, Programs), and then right clicking on the Comodo taskbar item and selecting close causes the problem? Or are you trying to select exit from the Comodo system tray icon context menu?

Verify the contents of the Comodo Internet Security file-group. Ensure that the file-group contains:

cfp.exe, cmdagent.exe, cfpudat.exe, cfplogvw.exe, crashrep.exe and the pathname to those files is correct for your installation. Then verify that the Computer Security Profile for the Comodo Internet Security file-group is as I described it in the previous post. Explorer shouldn’t be hiccuping on this at all.

During installation, I selected “Firewall with Optimum Proactive Defense” which set the default security profile to “COMODO - Firewall Security”. I didn’t import any previous security policies.

I just reproduced this issue on my laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (the original PC I had the issue on was running Windows 7 Ultimate x86). I’m referring to the taskbar thumbnail when you hover over the CIS button on the taskbar when the GUI is open.