Defense+ blocked suspicious attempts

I’ve got 7 suspicious attempts blocked by Defense+.
My Avira AntiVir PE update.exe was blocked, and Logitech SetPoint.exe. Why does Defense+ blocks those? Are they harmfull or something else?

Also i got 10 files are waiting for your review. What does that mean and what should i do to it?

EDIT: I now got 10 blocked suspicious attempts and 34 files waiting for my review.

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That was happening to my Set Point but still worked. Your Avria should be working? Has it updated? Your updated should be in your firewall settings. Leave Comodo on training mode for both firewall and D+.

My Avira is still working and was recently updating. Is training mode still protecting good? And what should i do with those reviews?

These blocks don’t affect SetPoint.exe functionality, just annoying lines in D+ log. To stop them add the exe to exceptions: see attach. pic

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Ok, i putted the SetPoint.exe file in exceptions. Could you check if i done it right?

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no yoki, setpoint.exe must be excepted at “COMODO Firewall Pro” group

How do you do that?

Look at his screen shot. Look at the application path.

But i got the same path just i dont got Sysultis.

Look at your screen shot and look at ei4ia’s. They are different in the application path for Application System Activity Control.

Ok, thanks for the notice. I’ve changed it now is this correct?

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morning, guys :slight_smile: yeah yoki, now it’s correct

A firewall or any other security should not be this hard to use.

You mean that comodo is hard to use?
I still got 36 files waiting for my review. What is that?

Need I say more.


Nope, not another word!

My Pending Files window: first press “Purge” button, then look at remaining files - if there is any suspicious/unknown test them with your on-demand antivirus/antispyware or/and google it, then simply “Remove” all safe files.

What does the “Purge” button do? Does it remove all the trusted things? And all the safe things i select it and remove? Like Comodo programs: cfpupdate.exe. Because that is also in the list.

no, “Purge” button removes only non existing files from list (deleted by user, temporary, so on) and “Remove” also just cleans list - not HDD :wink:
Another very good button: “What do these settings do?” :slight_smile: