Defense + blocked intrusions access memory

Why is this happening and are there any settings I need to change?

By default CIS prevents any program from messing around with it’s own processes’ memory space. I don’t really know how to disable that.

This may be of use. ‘Access memory’ event log entries - how can I suppress these? [v5]

I found my Logitech drivers andy printer driver did this. Simply excluding them from being blocked resolved the issues.

How do I do that?

I tried this and when I click on modify nothing happens…am I doing something wrong? I see no exclude button to click…

If this file has a custom setting (as CIS does), choose Edit ~ Customise ~ Protection settings ~ Interprocess Memory Accesses ~ Modify and add the file to the exclusion list.

The list is actually called Exception, not Exclusion.

I’ll post a screenshot. Click where the arrows point in the order that they are numbered. The final number is on the Exception list. Click Add, and Browse to the the program that is being logged.

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So after doing what was in your screenshot I should add whatever process’s that are being blocked?

Hello? am I doing this correctly?

Does this hurt the programs in any way when it blocks them from using memory? my kingsoft is being blocked currently

I’ve read an opinion in the forum from the creator of “Process Hacker” that very few applications need such access and that it usually is a sign of bad coding. Therefore it generally means they’ll work without any problems even if blocked.

I’m using CleanMem too and have checked “Ignore list” in its settings (Operating Mode) and have added cfp.exe and cmdagent.exe as exclusions because they consume a very small amount of memory anyways. This way I’m not allowing access to my main security application while still having memory optimization for all the rest processes.

Where do I find the ignore list in cleanmem?

Right mouse click on the Mini Monitor in the system tray (or start CleanMem_Settings.exe from the application folder), Start CleanMem Settings Wizard, follow the steps, Step 3 check “Ignore List”, Step 4 add the processes as exceptions.

DUH! I should have known that lol thanks