Defense+ - blocked a service, no more login screen - winxp

I installed the free antivirus and when going through the services I was trying to lock down the extra “fluff” (OEM Proprietary stuff) and after rebooting it will no longer give me a login screen

I see the windows flag and afterwards just a black screen that sits there.

What is my recourse at this point?

Try booting in Windows Safe Mode and restore what you changed. To get to Safe Mode start tapping the F8 button towards the end of the BIOS until you see a screen with boot options. Choose Safe Mode.

What tool did you use to lock down the services?

It was in defense+ that i locked the service

I checked the active running services and things like updaters that were never used I clicked on and chose “terminate and block”

I am going to have to run the recovery tool it looks like, when booting to safe mode it hangs at mup.sys

If you are in Recovery Console you can try to set the “Comodo Internet Security Helper Service” to disabled.
That should allow booting in to Safe-Mode again…

Is there a list of services I can disable for comodo in the recover console so I can get into normal mode and reset comodo to defaults?


Thanks for the help guys, got it fixed!