Defense+ block

I’ve installed a new program on my computer. It will only run with Defense+ disbaled; otherwise it just doesn’t load and there’s no error message.

I think I must have answered a Comodo question wrongly when I was setting it up; possibly set it as “isolated program”.

So. Where do I go to change the setting for that program?
I have the latest

Ed (:KWL)


Open CFP and go to Defense±>Advanced->Computer Security Policy and find the executable for the program. If it says Isolated Application under Treat as, double-click it and change it to Trusted Application, or use a Custom Policy.


Thank you, Ragwing. That worked a treat.



I’ve actually got a twist to this issue: it seems that Defense+ won’t allow me to delete certain applications. For instance, I will downlowd an application and once I’ve installed it on my machine I will want to discard that downloaded .exe file. I get an error message saying that I can’t do it. I end up have to reboot into safemode and deleting the item there.

For referrence, I’ve attached defense+ logs and an example of the error message I receive. Hope someone can let me know what’s happening here.


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You should check the explorer.exe’s Access Rights in Computer Security Policy. You may have Protected Files/Folders access right set to Block, or have something in it’s Blocked Files/Folders list (Modify…), that blocks Explorer’s access to an executable. Executables are part of My Protected Files/Folders list by default.


Thanks for the info – I went into my CSP and designated explorer as a Windows System Application (isn’t it?) which from what I saw has the same access rights as a Trusted App and both are allowed access to files and folders and it shows “Ask” on executables.

Regardless, changing its designation to either predefined security policy has not helped this issue and as you can see by the attached Defense+ logs, CFP seems once again to be blocking me from deleting an item (executable) from my computer.

Am I doing something wrong? ???



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