Defense ask me at least 6-12 times

Each time Defense comes up it will ask me at least 6 times to no less then 12 times if I want to accept and admit a particular program onto my computer.

If I check OK admit, it will ask all the times I mentioned above. If I say NO, then it does the same thing. I have tried all of the different link on that page to see if I could eliminate the overworking/overproductive defense.

I would assume I might be asked no more then twice to make sure I know what I really want…to accept or deny. But that is not the case, it goes crazy and I am being to not like the software and go to another firewall.

I also check it out on my icon link to see if there was a way to alter or if the site was downloaded properly. No answer and it states that it is download properly and no updates are needed or available.

Any help would be appreciated. I hope I have explained it in a way that is understandable by the reader.

You don’t say if ‘Remember my Answer’ is checked.

When you tick “remember my answer” CIS will tick “remember my answer” with the next pop up. The same for the other way around.

When needed tick “remember my answer” when you don’t want to be asked again.