Defense+ as stand alone program

We can select to install either antivirus or firewall (or both).
But for Defense+, there always comes firewall with it.

Why aren’t there 3 options when installing CIS:

  • Antivirus
  • Firewall
  • Defense+

In this case we can solve MANY problems. Some don’t like Defense+, others would like only Defense+ (like stand alone HIPS) etc.
Also in this case, the need for stand alone Memory Firewall would disappear since i (we) could use just Defense+ instead).

+1 :-TU


I’ve wondered about this before…although this feature might take awhile to develop.


I have no need for it, Other users may. +1

Well, i come up to this idea just because i want Memory Firewall part but they don’t seem to have any intenton to update stand alone one and i don’t want to have all bunch of stuff installed that i don’t need.

I suppose that they don’t offer it because Comodo IS is a strong suite only if full installed…

Firewall without D+ is more vulnerable…The same is for the AV…IMHO…
Even because they offer the option to install Av and D+, then you can choose to disable one of them…I don’t see the problem…

BTW it could be useful for someone…so…why not? (:NRD)


I’ve also had this thought sometimes. It would certainly add choice of options. There should however be some installer alert the Comodo Firewall won’t pass that many leak tests without Defense+…

Would it be wise to offer this as an installation option, but rather add a message box that notifies the user how to do this if desired at some point?

Maybe the option in the installer to disable D+ should be like this:

(See attached)

Yeah, sort of an over-kill. :smiley:

[attachment deleted by admin]

Good idea, Jeremy. Maybe a slightly different wording though, and I personally think that it should be below the AV bit and above the FW bit :wink:

Maybe something along the lines of:

Warning! Defense+ is an integral part of Comodo Internet Security. Not installing it could leave you open to attacks from viruses and other malware!

:slight_smile: I made it in a hurry…and I wasn’t sure what words would keep someone from unselecting it, but still be within “reasonable” bounds.

Fair enough :slight_smile:

I like your idea much better. :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Let’s just hope the devs see this topic, unless they already have, and are choosing to remain silent 88)


Should I PM a dev? Or do the mods tell devs about good “wishes”?

Hmmmm… I think a PM to a dev, just in case they missed this thread - I’m sure they’re really busy! ;D

Jeremy, feel free to do the honours :wink:

Thank you sir, I appreciate your trust in me.


It’s only because you’re O0


Now we just wait for a dev reply!

I sent a PM to Melih…but since I send so many to him I think he ignores me now. 88)

One to umesh then?