Defense+ appears to be locked in a loop

Any time I run a program, even my own programs that I write, that is new to the system then Defense+ gets locked into a loop and I have to disable it before I can get the program to run. Once it has run one time it is OK after that. Defense+ is set to clean PB mode.

I have attached the last debacle.

Also can you tell my why it is that when an alert pops up it is over a minute before anything happens with that program. It is most frustrating and takes several minutes to get ANY new program to run.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Do the D+ logs tell the program gets sandboxed? That’s what may be happening because the programs may not be known. That is 100% true for programs you write yourself.

Can you tell us how you start new programs you made? Do they get compiled into a .exe file and do you run the .exe file? Or does the new program get started by the compiler?