defense+ and punkbuster, can they work together, or is disable the only way?

hi, long title but i’m looking for input :slight_smile:

so…can defense plus still run with punkbuster - a game anti-cheat system or do i have to disable it before i play a game online, then re-enable it after exiting the game? i tried assigning 3 files a predefined policy of “windows system app” but i keep getting disconnected from the game.3 files being - PnkBstrB.exe -PnkBstrA.exe and PnkBstrK.sys. i’m not smart enough to assign a custom policy so i chose predefined. at the moment i find myself leaving defense+ disabled permanently but i’m not happy with that arrangement and i start the game on and off most of the time i’m on the computer so enabling - disabling is a bit crazy. anyone got some insight how to set this up so i can leave defense+ running and forget about it? plz… ;D