Defense+ and other Software Update problem [Resolved... but...]

Hi Guys,

First, the described below was the case with v3.0.14 and persists after recent update to 3.015.

The Software Update mentioned in the subject is a-squared anti-malware scanner
fom EMSI

The updates for the Signatures are coming frequently and I am not having any issues with that. The updated Signatures [b]and Modules/b always downloaded successfully into the Windows\Temp (according to my Environment Settings - F:_Temp_Core_User)
The signatures are always getting into correct location C:\Program Files\a-squared Free\Signatures as a result.
But as soon as modules were downloaded they are sitting in the mentioned Temp folder the Pending file list indicates for example:
Usually the indication of the successful Update concerning executables (modules) would be a2 asking to restart itself.
That’s will happen after the old modules are substituted by the new ones.

I don’t have that request – the modules cannot be overwritten.
… but… I tested the following:

When I know according to published changelog at the site that the new modules are coming I disable Defense+ from Sys Tray right-click (not permanently from Advanced/Deactivate) and all will go “according to plan”
New files will overwrite the old ones, a2 will ask to restart itself, there are e.g.
C:\Program Files\a-squared Free\a2free.exe……Modified
C:\Program Files\a-squared Free\engine.dll………Modified
in Pending files which is correct.

I put all modules into my Trusted List and Comodo itself considered a2service.exe, which is the service responsible for updates, as a Trusted.

What could be wrong with Defense+ in conjunction with a-squared?
Do I need some additional settings?

It looks like a-squared is the only Application that behaves “weirdly”.
Other updates of security programs I have performing updates fine

Thanks in advance.

My regards

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Hi Guys,

It looks like I resolved the problem. So I will add [Resolved…] to the subject line with

Despite I have to be relived and feel good about it – I am not.
Here is why:

I was looking through all possible settings to no avail.
But then I visited Defense/Computer Security Policy again.

This time I scrolled through many entries v-e-e-ry sl-o-oooowly and I was rewarded.
I found the record for a2service.exe with “Treat as” set for:

Isolated Application….What !!!??? (:AGY)

The only explanation I have is this:
After Upgrading to Comodo 3 when I ran a-squared update 1st time or when I reinstalled a-squared (it was the case) the Defense alert window came up. And I was going to answer Treat this App as Trusted and accidentally hit Isolated.
As a matter of fact it could’ve happened because of extreme inconvenience of white learning pop-ups coming one after another and overlapping the very spot of the Drop-down List with “Treat as” choices. You have to drag those white “intensive-learning” windows away. Then you rush back to “Treat as” and that’s when I made an honest mistake.

As I said before I suspected that the application is not Trusted and tried to add it as trusted one but Comodo notified me that it’s already “in the list”.
And that’s where I was fooled :-[.
I did not search and did not check “Treat as” for this item at that time.

After I found it, Edited and set it as Trusted the modules when downloaded are accepted and a-squared can substitute the old modules with freshly downloaded.

It is still interesting to know why it didn’t work when a2service.exe was “Isolated” ???

If Gurus are reading this, any information will be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance

My kind regards to all Comodo community

To Comodo’s Wish List:

The last position of Alert and/or Learning windows should be saved as user sets them and remembered for the next pop-up


When the user Add… something in Defense/Advanced/Computer Security Policies and the message “…Already in the List” displayed it would be highly convenient and helpful to move or rather change current position in the List and highlight that existing entry.
That will at least draw user’s attention to current settings.

I hope you understand that as in the described case I would’ve made correct changes long time ago…

Thanks for your time
I know it was boooooooring! I’m sorry Guys (:WAV)