Defense+ and Microsoft Office Word 2003 [SOLVED]

Hello all,
I want to report an issue I recently had with Defense+ and Microsoft Office Word 2003 under XP Pro SP3.
Although WINWORD.EXE had been for years an app registered as trusted with Defense+, since Dec. 1st, I wasn’t able to:

  • Directly open Word files by 2-clicking on them. I had to start Word first then open the file using the menu.
  • Once the file open in Word, I couldn’t access ANY printer to print the file.

No other component of the MS Office Pro suite was affected.

After a few hours of investigation, I realized Defense+ had been responsible for blocking WINWORD.EXE since Dec. 1st., as evidenced by the logs.

But NO WARNING or ALERT was ever issued.

Without dwelling into every action I took prior to it, Disabling Defense+ solved the issue.

All MS software had been regularly kept up to date. Unfortunately, December Patch Tuesday will only come on the 11th.

Just to satisfy my curiosity: Did you Comodo ppl so proactively reacted to Microsoft Security Bulletin #3 exceptionally rating the MS Word as critical?

In the affirmative, kudos for it (Except for the lack of any warning, that is). In the negative, some other explanation would be appreciated.