defense+ and killswitch problem.

Hello comodo forum.
Whenever i start running killswitch i notice that defense+ shows 10 or more intrusions.
How do i configure the defense+ to stop blocking killswitch please.
I dont want a great big amount of intrusions piling up simply because i opened up killswitch.

Many Thanks. :slight_smile:

what you are seeing is CIS protecting itself from being read in memory. Since we know killswitch is safe you can add an exception in defense +. Here is a FAQ guide, Access memory event log entries how can i suppress these

Thank you very much indeed for your help.
It solved the problem beautifully.
All the very best to you and thanks again. :wink: :wink: :wink:

no problem

If it is not added an exception then too KillSwich will work fine & completely, right?