Defense+ and everytime popup for the same application

Well it’s me and i have still the same annoying bug but now i know why sometimes u could not recreate it.

Well lets start from beggining. You have to have:

  1. Firefox + flashgot
  2. Free Download manager

So you have to go for some site and go for download (FDM has to be shutted off - no fdm.exe process at task manager, and have to have turned off all monitoring options with firefox - only flashgot have to have enabled options combining FDM with Firefox).
Then start downloading and use flashgot with FDM. And now the popup will appear despite we have created earlier rules with FDM started as normal and through flashgot. What’s important is that Comodo Firewall had the same issue and after some update this issue was fixed.

I think it’s still the issue with shortened path because everytime there is only one path at D+ module to FDM, and I’ll use flashgot a new shortened rule is created.

Hi. What are your D+ settings and what are the alerts you are seeing?

Important: reboot computer and dont start FDM before using flashgot!

IM using:

OS: Windows XP SP3 PL Pro

Comodo: CIS 3.10.102194.530

Defense+: paranoid settings, i have both long and short path for FDM. The alerts are: COM interface, DNS/RPC services, access explorer in memory (so no firewall popups).

Hi voxer

Please read this: