Defense+ and BOClean problem


I have a problem with Defense+ and with BOClean

I uninstalled Zone labs and ran a reg cleanup.

I had Threatfire and Anvir running but disabled both.

I installed Comodo anti virus - working ok and completed a complete system scan. All viruses were quarantined.

I installed BOClean this does not show in the system tray I am not sure if it is running.

Then I installed the firewall and can’t remove the message “The Defense+ is not functioning properly”. I tried the diagnostics and it said the install was good. Naturally I am worried.

I have also installed the memory firewall and that seems to be working ok.

All the prog. install files I have used have only been downloaded in the last 6 days.

Also as mentioned above BOClean does not show up in the system tray and when I look under start - comodo - boclean there are no options for it showing. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it but the same situation remains.

Any help appreciated.

Chris R

My only suggestion is to download the latest version and re-install.

*** BEFORE YOU REINSTALL - search your computer for anything called “Comodo” including directories and delete those (You’ll want to uninstall CBOC as well first **

The uninstaller leaves some directories in your application data folders and they need to be removed in order for the fresh install to work.

This should solve your problem.

P.S. for CBOC popups just mark as “Trusted” whereever possible.

Hi Eric,

Thanks for the advice.

I will remove all Comodo applications after downloading them. I will check that all comodo directories and files have been deleted and a complete registry clean-up.

Is there a preferred order to install the Comodo packages?

Thanks for your help

Chris R