defense+ and AVG 2012

i use AVG free 2012 (2012.0.2127) and comodo firewall (CIS 5.10.228257.2253) in win 7 sp1 netbook.
in win 7 action center, under the hood ‘security’>‘spyware and unwanted software protection’ i see AVG & defense+ are on. i also see the notice: “Running two or more antispyware programs at the same time can cause your computer run down slowly.”
:embarassed: what does it mean? is it dangerous for my PC? i need your advice. thx

it is not good practice to run multiple security products that do the same thing (ie multiple AV or firewall etc) but in your case avg is an AV and comodo has a firewall and HIPS so your setup should not cause any problems

thx for your answer. i only use the firewall (Comodo). i read, in order to maximize it’s function, the defense+ needs to be enabled. but if i enable this, there are two ‘spyware and unwanted software protection’ running on my system. this feature from AVG cannot be disabled individually.
how can i have proper configuration for maximum protection? thx

i just looked on AVG’s site and it says the free version is only the antivirus so there shouldnt be any problems running comodo firewall

Defense+ is definitely not an antispyware. So it must be enabled for maximum protection. AFAIK AVG free does not have any hips so there should not be any confrontation between AVG free and COMODO firewall with D+.

@wasgij6 & @Solarlynx:
thx a lot 4 your responses. they r really help me. i’ll try it. :slight_smile:

antispyware is an AVG free’s feature too.

guys, i just want to inform that, Comodo firewall (plus defense+) & AVG 2012 free run well in my netbook (thx 4 your responses - superb!). ;D eventhough the above problem appears, i think, it’s ok ;D ;D

i use win 7 sp1 netbook, N450 1.66 Ghz-1.7Ghz, 2gb RAM

good to hear. I would just disregard the message from windows. actually on my personal computer i disable windows action center