Defense + and AutoHotKey

Defense + is driving me wild, which is a shame as its such a great bit of security. Version 4.1.149672.916

I am a serious user of AutoHotKey ( a scripting utility which I use for everything from opening a new Word Document to keying my name or address quickly. To do this i run an ahk script at startup, and it monitors for various keystrokes (ab becomes Alastair Breingan and Right Ctl + W opens Word and 100s more). I have tried placing macros.ahk as a safe file, and marking it as an installer (per another post) and even first compiling it into an exe and marking that (which is a pain as it changes multiple times daily) but nothing seems to work except disabling defense +

Any help would be very gratefully received.

My guess is that an autohotkey program file (a scripting host of some sort) is running the script. It’s this file that needs to be an installer.

Making a changing .exe safe, or an installer, will not help. D+ checks and says ‘that’s different, better sandbox it’

N.B Making a file an installer means that everything run by it is exempted from D+ checks.

Best wishes