Defense+ always shows 6 unknown files allthough the list is empty...

Hi all, i have a strange issue with Defense+ of CIS:

i use CIS on two machines (one Desktop and one Notebook, both Win 7 Prof 64 Bit SP1). and on my Desktop machine CIS always sais that i have 6 unknown files which i should “rate”.

but everytime i open the List of unknown files, that list is empty.
when i than add a new unknown file for example by downloading an executable from the internet, Defense+ sais that i have 7 unknown files, but the List only shows the new (downloaded) one.

So how do i get rid of those “invisible” 6 unknown files?

Also tried to reinstall on a clean system, but for some reasons those special 6 invisible files come back. all the time.
So i wonder whats wrong, because my Notebook, which is also based on Windows 7 Prof 64 Bit SP1 does NOT have this issue (so it cant be related to win 7).

Any ideas?

can provide screenshots if my explanation is insufficient (or my english to bad ^^).

I think you can go into safe mode and delete the appropriate .h file, then reboot - unrecognised.h maybe?

The files are in: C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\database\

Best wishes


do you mean the “pending.h” files?

there are a few more like vendor and submit and i dont want to lose my “collection” of trusted signatures.
sadly the content of the pending.h file is not human readable so i cant verify that its the right file.

Yep - forgot my own FAQ which is here.



thx man, that did the trick!