Defense+ Alerts

Hi All

I’ve recently installed v3 and i thinks its a great app so well done, however my defense alert is logging thousands of requests from easyspeedupmanager.exe to access cfp.exe.

Does anyone know how i can allow this application, as i have changed it to a trusted application however i still keep getting thousand of the alerts.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Try changing it to installer/updater.

ive just changed the setting to installer/updater however the defence is still logging it as a suspicious attempt

Exit and restart Comodo, and tell us what the exact error message in your log is. Does it generate anything in the firewall log.

ok ive exited and restarted comodo still no change.

in the defence log it says -


Access Memory


There are no alerts at all in the firewall log for this application attempting to access net.

Thanks for you help with this one :slight_smile:

Change it back to trusted application if that is what the log says. Look in the Policy listand verify “trusted application”, then go to Predefined Policy for trusted application and look under edit/access rights and verify everything is checked as “allow” and under Protection Settings as “no”-should be by default (except run an exe :wink: ). Have never used the program, but worth checking that the settings seem right before suggesting it is a bug/incompatibility.

thanks for all your help with give that a try and see if it stops the constant logging, the app came bundled with my machine, im not certain what it does but i know the other apps called easyscreenmanager and easyaudiomanager when u terminate the process you lose your on screen display of changing the volume and brightness.