Defense+ Alerts taking extremely long to appear [Merged Threads]

Has anyone noticed this?

I’m not sure if it was after the 268 update, but it is taking a magnitude longer for D+ Alerts to appear.
After launching a program that I know will cause an alert, it takes in excess of 15 seconds for the alert to display. I hardly have anything running on my system and the delays I am noticing were not there before.


Do you mean the big popups prompting for answer, or the small notifiers acknowledging that D+ is learning? They’re completely different, and the latter are purposedly delayed to be readable.

The biggies. I am talking about the amount of time it takes for an alert to appear after running a program that will cause an alert. 15 seconds is just to long.


ok I might be missing something here…a brain maybe but can anyone tell me why
it takes so long between me running an executable file and commodo to question
if it’s safe to run or whether or not to give it access…
it seems to take for ever and it’s asking me for each and every program I run.

methinks I’ve actually missed an important part of the installation of commodo
such as it scanning all the essential programs on my system…am I right?
anyway any help would be very much appreciated.


ah forget this one guys…I think I figured it out…
I reduced my D+ settings to ‘clean pc mode’ and I’m running fine.

thanks for a great firewall…it’s doing everything I’d expect such a great product to do.

The work-around for this is to remove the check mark from

‘Automatically perform an online lookup for the unrecognized files’

The time it took for an alert to display went from an excess of 15 seconds down to less then a second after disabling this setting. Seems to me that doing online lookups on the fly would not exactly be a performance enhancer and I’m wondering why this is being set on as the default and why Comodo recommends leaving this setting described in the help file. Anyone have an explanation?

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Because most people do not have this problem… (:NRD)

Yeah, I know … I did not have this problem before either and now I’ve been bitten by it. :'(.


It seems to take forever for the Comodo alerts to popup (especially Defense+). I will open a program or whatnot, and about 15 seconds later an alert will pop up. It takes so long I start to wonder if I actually was successful in starting the program I clicked on. Do others have this long lag issue?

If so, please fix this - I have tried several other HIPS programs and non of them had anything near this delay - in fact, most were virtually instant notifications!

Not something I’ve noticed here. What OS are you running and what is your systems specs?

i know i see alerts instantly

I have seemed to track down the issue - by default the following options are checked under miscellaneous settings:

automatically perform online lookup & automatically submit

When I deselect those boxes the alerts are MUCH faster. Perhaps it is looking up the program in an online database before it gives me the alert and is thus affected by my current internet speed?

In any event, I am much happier now that I can speed up these alerts.

Do your alerts work instantly WITH those boxes selected?

Mine do, but then I don’t have a lot of files that are not already in the safe list plus I’m using Clean PC Mode :slight_smile:

Anyway, the devs are aware of this already according to the workarounds by Egemen: