Defense+ Alerts slow down my system

Hi everyone!

I am sorry if this was discussed before, but I checked the first few pages in this forum and did not find anything relevant to my issue.

I have clean installed CPF v3 since that version which came with the reduced sized installer and recreated our existing rules (sorry but I don’t quite remember the exact build ???) and I am currently to the latest version by installing all upgrades via the built in update functionality.

It seems, though, that my system slows down more and more (it even goes to 100% CPU utilization) every time I answer a Defense+ alert. Is there some kind of Defense+ clean up I could perform so that I improve my system’s responsiveness?

You help and guidance on this one is really appreciated!

I am on Windows XP SP2 (with all latest upgrades installed) and I use Avast Antivirus v4.8 Home.

I posted about this already - Solution: use Comodo Firewall Pro 3.0.14 from There is no slowdown in Defense+ alert rule making, even with a large ruleset, with v3.0.14. You can manually add the protection settings for COM interfaces, registry keys, etc. from the latest version if you have a virtual machine or 2nd computer on which to install the latest version and do a visual comparison of protected items between the different versions.

MrBrian, thanks so much for the quick reply!

I will definitely check it out… I will have to find out what functionality I will miss if I go back to V3.0.14.276.

Thanks again!

You’re welcome :). You can look at Comodo Firewall | Get Best Personal Firewall Software for $29.99 A Year for a (partial) list of changes. Some of the bugs fixed in subsequent versions were bugs that occurred only in subsequent versions.

Thanks again MrBrian :-TU