Defense + alerts on portable applications

I have got an Acer One machine, and am trying to save space and resources by relying as much as possible on portable applications! Practically all of those I have downloaded from, which is well-known site should be a safe and reliable source.

Quite often when I use those programs, Defense + tells me that it recognizes (I’m sorry that I do not remember the exact wording now) traces of malware code or actions. I have tried to make D+ ignore it, but it seems impossible as the portable apps create new temporary files that trigger D+ every time a p-apps starts anew.

Can anyone explain to me what D+ reacts to, and if this is anything I should pay attontion to/worry about??



The reason for this is most likely that the executable is compressed with a software such as UPX or PECompact.
There’s a lot of compressed program, so it’s nothing to worry about. Even Comodo uses executable compression.

Defense+ can’t really detect malware, only malicious behavior. It basically tells you if the executable contains code that might be used in a malicious way. It’s like being a guard at a restaurant and not let drunk people in, because they might cause trouble.
Heuristic techniques seems to dislike compressed files, and therefore flags them as a possible malware.