Defense+ Alerts Gone?

Hi. I have a problem. Before I got messages when ever Defense+ noticed anything suspicious happening, but now these alerts have stopped showing for some reason and because of this my pending files list is growing continuously.

Now Defence+ stops programs without notice, and places them in the pendling files list. What do I do to get these alerts back?? It is very annoying to have to open that list every time I feel that something is not working right!

I have the Defense+ set to Clean PC Mode, and I have not changed this. The option “Display Balloon Messages” is ticked.

Your “pending files” list may contain updates that were added automatically. Simply review them, purge (to remove the installer portions), Lookup what remains, and submit what is not on the whitelist if you choose).

Setting CIS to Clean PC Mode will produce the list of pending files. When you switch to Safe Mode there won’t be files added.

When in the Pending list use the Purge function first. That will get rid off part of them.

Managing My Pending Files:

You may have to reinstall CIS if this really is a problem with the program. If so, you may want to keep your config:

Alright. Thanks for the help with the list, but my real problem is these alets and why they are not showing.

Going back to my suggestion, What exactly are the pending files? I take it they are not updates?

Can you post a screenshot of your Pending Files list?

maybe it’s just because you ticked “remember” upon answering the pop up alert. D+ remember your setting, and you get no more alert.
what about new application? when you run/install it, doesn’t D+ give you pop up alert?

Nope I tried it again just now. I installed a new program and no alert apeard, it just went right to my pending files. I think I remember reading somewhere that something happens with defense+ after some weeks installed, maybe this is normal?

that’s normal if your D+ set to training mode ,but yours is set to clean PC mode.
weird ???

Any chance the program files in question may already be whitelisted, therefor no alerts generated?