Defense +Alert popup won't go away

This has been popping up for days…Please help… Tried to block it, allow it. Nothing works! Thanks

You don’t want to block it. That is Windows Updater. Select installer/updater and be sure to check off remember.

Yep…will concur with Vettetech and ease any suspicions you have about it.
This is Windows Update and it should be set as “Trusted” and make sure to check the “Remember My Answer” box so this is permanently remembered.

All Applications that you are installing should be selected as “Treat this Application as installer/updater” You will receive 0 pop ups during this procedure.


After doing this, I received this message:

Switch to the Installation Mode?

Would you like to switch to the “Installation Mode” to make this policy fully effective?
If you are not installing a new application or performing an update, you do not need to switch.

I either am to click yes or no…

Not sure what to do

(Someone working on my computer “thought” it odd I did not have Word (I have windows XP), so they re-installed Windows XP thinking it would install Word, which it did not. Guess Word is not part of my software. Then, I restored my computer back to an earlier date to before they had re-installed Windows XP)

Thank you all for your assistance :slight_smile:

Yes select “switch to install mode” when installing something.