Defense+ alert Pop up windows


I’ve downloaded Windows Live Mail and during installation I had a pop-up window telling me that “msiexec is a safe application. It’s about to create a file/folder …” with the name of the file.

I’ve chosen “Allow this request” and checked “remember my answer”.

But each time, msiexec tried to create a file, I got the same window.

Can someone tell me why ?

Thank you for your answers.

Instead of selecting “allow this request” select “trusted application” and it will be added to your trusted applications list and shouldn’t pop up the alert window again.

That won’t work.

You need to select “Treat this app as an Installer” without remembering and it will ask you to go into install mode. Then when the install is done it will pop up a window to ask you if you want to quit install mode and go back to your regular settings. Install mode doesn’t give you any popups while a program is being installed. I like this feature.

The other way if you check to remember it is only for that one combination of files or process that it is doing at the time that it is asking about and it will continue to ask you for each combo which could be many. Install mode bypasses all of that.


jasper2408 : thank you for your answer.

The next time, I’ll install a software, I’ll switch to installation mode.