Defend+ affect AVG?[RESOLVED]

Hi, when i installed the firewall, i noticed it came with defend+. Is this a ‘anti-virus’ program. I know that having more than one can cause problems so i want to know if i need to disable my AVG 8.0.


Its called Defense Plus and it is not a virus scan. It is a HIPS program. Read here.

CFP 3 & AVG 8 get along just fine together.

Some friendly advice. Before you download and install anything you should have some knowledge and understanding of the product your installing. If you download and install things without knowing what they do or what they are your gonna run into problems. (R)

Thanks for your help. Just a note, i know well enough that installing this this will cause no major problems but i felt the need to ask. With the virus/spyware scanning capabilities, people (me) can be easily mistaken and posting in the forums is my acquiring of “knowledge and understanding”. Thanks for your advice and fast reply anyway. 8)

I found that I had to shut down defense+ (in in order to see the avg tray icon & to get the user interface to open - this in spite of designating as “trusted applications” all of the relevant avg files. Vista Security Center reported that avg was active & up to date but I didn’t like not being able to open the interface. I was pretty down on avg (8.0.131) until I looked at the defense+ history and saw all the avg blockages in there. So I’ve turned off defense+ for the time being, a little irritating since I’ve paid for it.

What did you pay for? Comodo is free. Did you try putting D+ in training mode?

Sorry, it was late & I wasn’t thinking straight. I’m using the paid version of avg, not comodo. Anyway, I did try the training mode & it didn’t make any difference. Thanks -

Am I right in saying that the paid for version of AVG8 contains a Firewall and that may well conflict with CFP3? Running two firewalls in a no-no.


They have versions with firewall & without. I’m running the without version. I chose to combine AVG antivirus & Comodo firewall because they’d generally gotten good reviews.


Only a security suite comes with a firewall. Not the standalone virus scanner. Even the free versions is only a virus scanner.

yep…same for me here!

Start a new thread pls if your still having problems.

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