I am running the latest version of Comodo Firewall
There is a message that Defence + is not functioning properly & to run Diagnostics.
I have done this & there is no problem with my installation.
is there any other way to fix this.

Uninstall using Revo Uninstaller in Advanced mode. Do not reboot when Comodo tells you too. Clean up all files and folders Revo finds. Reboot. Reinstall Comodo.

I followed your instructions but the same problem happened when the firewall started.
What would happen if I disabled Defence+

What version are you using. I cant see how its happening if you did a clean install.

Hi Vettetech thank you for your help, I have done a clean reinstall again & the same thing happened.
I am using version

Did you uninstall completely?

I did an uninstall Using Revo Uninstaller as per your earlier post I did not do any of the things specified in the URL in your last post as I thought Revo did all this.

Revo will do most of it yes but only if you used advanced mode.

I did use Advanced mode, the only thing that i also did was to click yes when the Comodo Uninstaller asked me if I wanted to uninstall would this cause any problems.

Revo uses whatever uninstall came with that program. So if you open up Revo and click uninstall Comodo then Comodo’s uninstaller will pop up. Let Comodo uninstall and when Comodo says reboot so no. Then click next on Revo and you will see it finding left over files. The first thing is the registry then programs files. Reboot

I downloaded the latest version then uninstalled with Revo rebooted then did a Registry Scan &fix with Reg Cure registry cleaner then installed the new version as per installation instructions but the same problem has occurred again
so I think I might just have to live with it.
Thanks again for your help.