defence+ when deleting

Could anyone answer a simple question please.When deleting say the programs associated with a graphics card should the files go in the d+ list if you have switched to installation mode during the deletion?

Only i have just updated my card and after deleting the old drivers etc i had over 1500 files in d+
Purge cleared them but should they have been listed as i was in" installation mode"?

Regards Matty

I think anything that is modified runs through D+, regardless if it’s on installation mode. What the later does is lessen the pop ups.

After purging and look up, if everything looks related I remove rather than sending them to Comodo. Summiting many files seems to take forever and many times doesn’t work.

Use your best judgment.

Cheers blue,your right about best judgement i think comodo staff must be snowed under right now.

Cheers Matty