Defence+ Unrecognized Files

In Defence+ /Unrecognized Files/Submitted Files this list is gradually building up. As the unrecognized files have been resolved, I would like to be able to clear this list/log but cannot find anyway to do so. I have spent some time in the FAQ’s but this subject does not appear to be referenced.

I know this is relatively insignificant, but the ability to be able to clear resolved issues in logs makes it easier to track items when things do go wrong.

So far this minor critiscism is the only thing I can fault in this latest version. Well done all in Comodo.

Any help would be much appreciated.



Hi Rick

Just delete the pending.h and pending.n files and reboot. I believe that solves it. Recreates blank file on reboot hopefully.

Best wishes


Hi Mouse,

Long time since we spoke but have not had any problems (again well done everyone in Comodo and everyone on this forum). But again Mouse to the rescue and pointed me in the right direction :-TU.

Well removing the pending.n and pending.h files did not seem to work, pending.h cannot be deleted (not in normal operation anyway, did not try safe mode :)). Pending.n did not regenerate so I restored it just to be safe. But you having pointed me in the right direction I noticed submit.n and just as a precaution removed it out of the folder to my documents. Rebooted and submitted files in Defence+ was empty, checked submit.n had regenerated itself, which it had and it was also empty ;D.

Thanks a lot Mouse, not a big deal but it was just one of those little niggles.


Yes real good to speak again

Sorry did not read your original post carefully enough. But glad it helped anyway - best do a FAQ :slight_smile:

I’ll cite your contribution

Best wishes


New FAQ here.