defence+ too many prompts.

defence+ was easy to use for some days until i installed shockwave from the adobe site, then i got a message from defence+ about possible malware activity detected. and afterwards i went to play a game on one site and then defence+ went crazy and asked about new directories and files that was made on the computer. i allowed them all because i am sure it was just parts of the shockwave game that was being downloaded to the computer. i am sure there was 50 questions from defence+. what should i do to avoid so many prompts from defence+? it was in clean pc mode.

You can find the informations you need in GAMES & APPLICATION INSTALLATION & COMODO FIREWALL PRO 3

so should i have comodo firewall in installation mode all the time when i play a game? this was an online game on a website so i guess the prompts from the firewall was because there was temporary files belonging to the online game that were downloaded to the computer.

thanks :slight_smile: