“Defence+ still in Installation Mode” repetitive reminder

Hi Guys,

{XP Pro, SP2; Comodo v3.0.13.286}

CPF v3 working fine since installation ~ Nov., 20
It was only one “Opps!.. Error found …” when I was looking at Firewall Events.
cpf.zip was sent 11/12/07

Today for no apparent reasons the reminder window (see image) started bothering me every 5 min. or so.

No changes were made concerning Security Levels (as installed by default):
Firewall – Train with Safe Mode;
Defence+ – Clean PC Mode

Diagnostics doesn’t report any problems.

Restart didn’t help so in order to end this I was forced to answer Yes – “switch back to my previous mode”, which is kinda the same mode ???

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance

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Wait a second!.. I recall one bad thing happened today, to be honest: 7 MS Security Patches visited and were installed successfully… if that matters :SMLR

I hope I can be at help!

  1. Please Review ALL your pending files in the Comodo Firewall Main Menu (Double Click on the icon in system tray)

  2. On that main menu, Click “Switch Back to Previous Mode”

  3. Put Defense+ on Training Mode.

:slight_smile: hope it helps


Hi Josh,

Thanks for reply.

Little note here: “Double Click on the icon in system tray” will not necessary bring you to Review pending… It brings you to the section which you left last time -“Summary”, “Firewall”, “Defense” or “Miscellaneous”.

Other then that pending files were already reviewed quite thoroughly… not many left.

Because I already responded by “switch back” in Reminder window, as I stated,
the Summary window has an option “Switch to Installation Mode” now, which I think I don’t need to do.

To be honest I don’t understand how this change relates to the problem?
It was in Clean PC and it remains it that Mode.
I may use mentioned Defense Training Mode but I would use that for particular purposes.

Finally, currently I don’t have those Reminder windows.

So, mainly the questions are the same:
When and why the described happened?
2) Why the return to the same mode it was before calms CPF down?

My regards

I noticed after downloading MS updates from the website, my D+ was set to training mode even though I’m fairly sure it was set Clean PC Mode. I also noticed I may have been in installation mode and got the reminders, even though I didn’t switch. I clicked switch back. I believe this is by default and memory from previous update installations , but for all I know I could be imagining things.


Hi Hikertrash,

Thanks for response.

I don’t think that you “imagining things” :SMLR.
Since you mentioned the latest MS Update too… I believe that it was something fishy after that. The difference is I am sure that when those Reminders were nagging I checked several times. That D+ Clean PC mode was checked as it was after default CPF install and was Not reset to training as you described and It was still “Switch to Install mod” on Summary screen (forgot to take that “Photo”)
Those two unchanged things actually surprised me in combination with Reminder message.
But Now it’s kinda settled down. We’ll see… (next MS update? (:WIN))

Since I don’t believe I had auto updates and downloaded from the MS site, after I doubled checked the Network Security policy in the Firewall setting and and Windows Updater Apps were set to Outgoing only. I switched it to Trusted App. We’ll see on Tuesday.

Yes looks like a bug, anyway: have you tried switching to installation then back to previous, in case that fixed it somehow?

Hi Japo,

Thanks fro reply.
The way I understand your suggestion/question you are saying that it’s worth to try it now from Summary. Please correct me if I am wrong. But currently it is working fine and I’d rather leave it like that. Mainly because the nature of the “accident” unknown to me. Sure in case the thing will happen again I may try to do the switch from main window instead of the Remainder one.
…but I hope the developers find the cause and that will be fixed earlier than “the next Reminder” :).

My regards


I have only one “Outgoing only” policy in Apps. Network Security,which is:
and I cannot find anything about Windows Updater ???.. (probably I need a break)