Defence + Settings

On install I installed firewall only. I was still getting pop ups of defense+ blocking things. If I open the GUI it showed Defense + Security level Inactive. When I clicked on Inactive,General Settings the slide was at Clean PC mode. So I slid it down to disabled. On Monitor Settings I unchecked all the boxes. I hope this will stop Defense + from bugging me.

It should work…

Hmmmm Defense+ was activated even when you only choose to install the Firewall only?


When I open the control panel under Proactive Defense it indicates that Defense+ is inactive. It sure seems to have been active or I shouldn’t have been getting pop ups.

Try uninstalling the reinstalling and see if that works…


I have Comdo on two computers . Both set up the same ,and Defense+ is the same on both. So I don’t think that the install is the problem.

Strange! It sounds like one of those “Network firewall is not functioning properly” problems.

What is your OS?


It is XP Pro SP2.

Sorry for your problems! See if this post helps you out!