Defence+ Sandboxes programs despite being told not to

Hi all,

This is probably a bit of a daft question, I did search the forums first but couldn’t find anyone with exactly the same problem as me.

Basically, Comodo sandboxes “Unrecognised” Applications the first time I use them. This could be new programs or programs that have been upgraded therefore violating the .exe checksum.

On many occasions I find myself clicking the “Don’t isolate this again” option for safe programs, then quitting and restarting the program so that it is run unisolated. Yet still CIS Decides that it is still unsafe and unhelpfully sandboxes it again for me. >:(

This behavior repeats, but sometimes it will get the message about 5 minutes after the initial sandboxing and after I’ve clicked “Do not Isolate” about 20 times. So it seems to eventually get the message but no where near as quickly as it has done in the past.

Is this a known issue? Something I’m doing wrong? A setting that I’ve missed?

Thank you in advance for any :-La ideas :-La or (:s*) assistance (:s*) anyone is able to provide.

Best regards,