Defence+ protected registry

I’ve just added my own set of registry keys and values to protect and I also have the default that comodo automatically protects, what happens if theres a duplicate? will it only read the first one in the list or will I be alerted twice? I’m going to look it over for duplicates but I was just wondering for now.

thanks for any help.

Hi Gizzy1990

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I have never tried that but maybe there is someone else who has, that can answer your question. I don’t think that if there are any duplicates it would do any harm and if you had a double alert then you would know right away that there are duplicate entries, and could be corrected at that point.


Thanks for the reply, :slight_smile:

I haven’t set to protect them yet because I was waiting for a reply and I haven’t had a chance to look through it for duplicates yet,

I just wasn’t sure if it would sort of conflict some how by detecting it twice or some thing but probably the worst that’ll happen is I’ll be alerted twice and like you said if I’m alerted twice then I’ll know for sure whether there is a duplicate entry or not