Defence+ problem

My software backups a lot files over the network and if defence+ is in any state except disabled, my software returns the message: “Network path was not found”. This error is returned by the CopyFile function in WinApi. Files appears to be copied well but a lot errors really annoy. I suppose that Defence can’t eat so many requests?
I tried to remove all filetypes from checking in Defence , no effect.

Most files with errors is html , cpp, zip, png … No any visible pattern of the problem.

No one can confirm the problem?

Any relevant entries in the logs?

a lot files is added into “waiting for your review”, but not the files that returned error.

I meant in the Defense+ logs or in the firewall logs


I use this backup software:

the most files are sources ( .cpp , .h etc.) and .exe + .dll

Backup from the drive that contains only .jpg and .avi doesn’t produce any errors ( a lot files too ).