Defence plus constantly blocks Iobit smart ram.

??? Hello. I recently uninstalled Iobit advanced system care 4 and installed version 5 in its place.I have done the same on windows 7 32 bit pc and xp 32bit pc. In both cases D+ says its blocking Smart ram and is showing hundreds of blocking and rising .I know its in Cis safe list but this did not happen in version 4 on either OS.

What do i need to do in order to stop this happening as its annoying but can still access smart ram. I have gone into computer security policy and made the exact smart ram file trusted but no difference, still says blocked.

Does anyone know the solution please.


Please post a screenshot of your D+ logs

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??? Hi Mouse thanks for the reply. The mystery deepens.I was looking at my defence+ settings and noticed the enhanced protection mode was enabled, so i unticked the box and re started, as i am using 32 bit windows 7. I understand that setting helps 64 bit systems.

After unticking it the constant blocking of the smart ram part of Advanced System care stopped???.Seems i have solved my own problem, but why this would cause d+ to block that file in the first place i have not a clue.Just as well as i have looked at doing a screenshot and it does not seem easy to me having to click here there and everywhere, as i have not done one before.


I would be interested to know what the alert was saying exactly - should say in your event log.

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I am pretty sure that Iobit is trying to access memory and it’s targeting CIS. Normal behavior; CIS is only protecting itself. there is a way to grant the wanted program access memory but I strong suggest you don’t do such thing

I would be interested in what the actual alert was as I am keeping an eye on the effects of the enhanced security setting at present.

Hi Mouse.The blocking showed in Defence+ Events.It appeared as. C:\Program Files\Iobit\Advanced System Care5\Suo10_SmartRAM.exe it also says Access memory.Next to that we have C:Program Files\Comodo\Comodo Internet Security\cfp.exe

I think Valentin may be right about Iobit trying to access memory and Comodo D+ blocks it, as it does say Access memory on the events list.Still puzzled why the thing gets blocked when the enhanced protection mode box is ticked and enabled though. Maybe you could re produce it?.Is it possible for you to download the app version 5, in Windows 7 32 bit or Xp as both systems have had the same issue and as soon as i unticked and re started the issue went away.

Thanks for the Comments.


Thanks. Interesting - suggests that some of CIS’s self protection is disabled under 7 if enhanced protection is unticked even in 32 bit systems. Still it’s cfp, not cmdagent, so less crucial.

May merit a bug report, if you are sure.

You can re-enable if you want and suppress the alert using this setting here.

As long as CIS is targeted it will block, doesn’t matter if the enchanted mode is checked or not.